How To Become A Better Emotional Partner
to Your Wife or Girlfriend...


The relationship advice on this web site is a resource for men who are confused about how to make and keep a long term intimate connection with a woman.

This is not a dating web site.

It is not a place for men to come to learn techniques about how to seduce women or how to find the woman of your dreams.

It is a place for men to get some hope that there is a way to save the relationship you have with the woman you are in love with right now...

...even if you've been with her for any number of years and think there is no possible way to relate to her differently given the relationship tools you already possess.

This is a place to learn the skill-set necessary for making a relationship thrive even if you are currently "in between" relationships.

It is a place to come for relationship advice that you probably never learned when it came to creating emotional intimacy that leads to better sexual intimacy with a woman in a way that lasts long after the initial fireworks in a relationship have died down.

It is a place to come to learn how to deepen the quality of your intimate relationship so that you both can get what you want out of a relationship.

And most importantly, this is a place to learn all of the above...

  • without having to become a wimp in the process
  • without feeling like you have to "buy your way" into a woman's heart
  • and without feeling like you have to give up your own needs--which is how we compromise our mental health--in order to make sure that her needs get met!

  • Not Feeling Much of an Emotional Connection with
    Your Wife or Girlfriend These Days?

    Do you ever struggle with how to talk to the woman you love about the things that are important to her, like relationships and feelings? Have you achieved career success only to experience frustration or disappointment in your personal relationships? Are you confused by how hard you work to provide and protect your wife and family as a way to show your love, only to hear that love being questioned because you’re not very good at being more “open with your emotions”? And after many times of trying with little success, are you so angry and frustrated that you’ve started to question whether or not this is the right relationship for you? The truth is, a relationship without a solid, ever-growing emotional connection is a relationship out of balance.

    You Can Learn How to Create an
    Emotionally Healthy Relationship

    Being in a healthy relationship shouldn’t be a struggle, but it does require work! A successful love relationship starts with an understanding of what emotional intimacy really is and how BOTH people need to generate it. To achieve that balance, the emotional connection of your relationship needs to become just as important for you to develop—and should feel just as enjoyable and rewarding—as the physical, intellectual, and spiritual connections you have with your wife or girlfriend. Of course, you’ll find it a lot more enjoyable and rewarding if you feel your efforts being appreciated and acknowledged by the woman you love, with the added bonus of feeling closer to her.

    What Gets in the Way?

    The fact is, the cultural training men receive of what masculine identity should look and feel like is also one of the major obstacles that prevents men from learning about and valuing their emotional world. This in turn puts men at a disadvantage as to how to help create emotional intimacy in a relationship with a woman. Because of this, men have come to fear that knowing and revealing themselves emotionally might somehow bring their manliness into question. The dilemma for men, however, is that until they can educate themselves and practice some very basic but fundamental partnership skills that involve emotional participation, sustaining a healthy long term intimate relationship will remain a mystery.

    What You Need To Do –
    An Approach That’s Proven to Work

    A successful intimate relationship starts with comprehending that your wife or girlfriend will feel alone in the relationship unless she can get more than a brief glimpse of what your emotional world looks and feels like from you. This is actually the best way for you to “show up” in your relationship. A successful long term relationship requires a guy to develop an awareness of how to act and think more like a “we” instead of just going through life only acting and thinking like a “me”. And all of this needs to happen in a way that you feel won’t require you to sacrifice your masculinity!

    Check out this web site and see if it can give you some new perspective on questions or problems you may be having with your relationship.

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    It is crucial for us as men to become more aware of who we are and why we react the way we do in our individual that we can make better and healthier choices in how we "partner" in our relationships with women.

    It is equally as important for women to understand us better, so that they can have more realistic expectations from us...which in turn also makes the relationship healthier.

    But women can only understand us better as we step up and more accurately communicate to them the Truth in our hearts and guts.

    We cannot expect women to read our minds!

    I have written a special report called,

    The Sex Appeal of Being Real

    which describes how we as men can better identify and express ourselves to our partners in a way that doesn't require us to sacrifice our masculinity!

    The report also describes one of the best incentives I can think of for men to express themselves better...

    and it is because women find it to be very attractive!

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