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You Really CAN
Learn to Create
with Your Spouse
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And You Do NOT Have to Spend a
Fortune to Learn Exactly How!!

  • Are you sick of going around and around with your spouse about the same old arguments that never get resolved?

  • Are you tired of feeling unappreciated for all the hard work you do for your relationship that goes unnoticed?

  • Have you lost that loving feeling for your partner and are wondering whether or not there is a way to rekindle your desire for each other?

  • Have you given up hope of ever being able to trust him or her again after some lie or betrayal?

  • Do you sometimes feel that you have to act like a "parent" to your partner when he or she acts like a scared or defiant "child"?

  • Are you fed up with "walking around on eggshells" because you don't want to hurt his or her feelings or make them angry?

    If any of the above describe the stuck or unhappy condition of your relationship…

    then it makes sense that you would be looking for some kind of hope about whether or not it could be possible to get un-stuck…

    and maybe even learn how to re-charge the battery in your marriage and get it moving into some kind of healthy and loving forward direction.

    Any one of the above conditions describes a marriage or relationship that is in a lot of pain…and in dire need of help!

    The challenge for most couples is that…when they get to the point that one or more of those conditions are present…

    • One or both start to think that they must have made a mistake and chosen the wrong person to begin with
    • One or both start to think that there must be some other person—some soul mate—“out there in the world” that they would appreciate and feel more compatible with
    • One or both start to shut down from even trying to learn new ways to improve their current relationship

    Is it any wonder that the divorce rate in America is so high—about 50%!!

    Don’t let your marriage become
    a divorce statistic!!

    Keep reading to learn the tools that successful, long term couples utilize to keep their relationships viable for the long haul!!

    But first…what I want to share with you is an aspect of the work that I do that is very important and exciting to me, because it involves the Love of MY life!

    Let me explain…

    Even though I specialize in working with individual men who are trying to figure out the best way to be in an intimate relationship with a woman…I also work a lot with couples who are in crisis.

    I do this “couples work” with my wife, M’Lissa…who is a clinical psychologist and who specializes in working with women who are trying themselves to figure out the best way to be in an intimate relationship with a man.

    She is an extra-ordinary relationship coach for women!

    Together, M’Lissa and I have worked with couples for over 18 years now!

    In having us both giving feedback during our couples counseling sessions, we offer couples both a male and a female perspective of the relationship issues that they have brought in.

    In this way, both members of the couple can feel that their viewpoint is being accurately understood and represented.

    Not only that…we feel it is important that both men and women learn how to respect and validate each other’s unique approach to life from the other gender’s perspective.

    You CAN Reinvent Your Relationship!

    One of the things M’Lissa and I are very clear about is the fact that—sooner or later—every marriage “battery” starts to lose its electrical charge.

    There’s no getting around it.

    Years ago, it even happened to us…and, yes…even WE needed to get some objective feedback about what we could not see about ourselves.

    It became clear to us that we needed to learn some new tools in order to reinvent our relationship in new and better ways.

    So about four years ago….we decided to take the experiences we had been having in real time...

    doing our own work on our own relationship…

    together with the success we had been having with the couples in our counseling practice…

    it just made sense to us that we should find a way of putting all the information and experience we had accumulated out in front of a larger audience.

    We came up with the idea to write a weekly newspaper advice column called

    Dr. He Said, Dr. She Said

    that would offer relationship feedback from both a male and a female perspective.

    After appearing in three of the local newspapers in the San Diego area for a number of years, we then decided to publish an e-Book of the same name that would be a collection of many of the columns we have written in response to the hundreds of letters we’ve received…

    from readers who were serious about wanting to know what they could do to help out their own relationships.

    We are very excited to offer this cross-section of our collected works of weekly columns that we think will help you rebuild the foundation of your relationship to being one that is…






    The e-Book is titled:

    Dr. He Said, Dr. She Said

    Advice Columns on
    How to Make Relationships Work

    And it is available for you
    to buy right now for $9.99 as either a:



    What You Will Learn

    Now you can have immediate access to ALL the information we offer to our clients about


  • how to achieve it
  • how to maintain it, especially when under stress
  • what it looks and sounds like
  • what it walks and talks like
  • why it is so important
  • why it is so difficult to figure out

  • DR. HE SAID, DR. SHE SAID helps couples get out of their power struggles with each other…

    by giving real-life examples of how to identify the underlying, unmet, unexpressed emotional needs that create their anger, disappointment, and mistrust of one another.

    Learning the skills necessary to do this not only brings couples closer together…

    it can also help to heal old wounds from the past that have yet to be dealt with.

    DR. HE SAID, DR. SHE SAID is an extensive collection of the most challenging issues that couples struggle with in their intimate relationships--along with our practical and effective feedback that comes from both a male and female point of view.

    This e-Book will help you to learn a new and different approach to the ongoing challenge of how to keep a relationship healthy and vital.

    Relationship Skills

    Here are some of the Relationship Skills that we coach our readers to learn in DR. HE SAID, DR. SHE SAID:

  • How to treat each other with respect, even when you are feeling angry, deeply hurt, or scared out of your mind by your partner.
  • How to “feed” your relationship emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually in order to keep it balanced.
  • How to think and act more like a “we” rather than just like a “me”.
  • How to deal with your adult relationship from an adult man or adult woman perspective, rather than from a “wounded child” perspective.
  • How to summon up the courage to tell each other your personal truth, even if you know it will disappoint or hurt or make your partner angry.
  • How to appreciate and treat the differences with your partner as complementary and balancing rather than as threatening, because you will NEVER meet someone that is not different from you!
  • How to hold yourself to a very high standard of integrity—even if no one else knows whether or not you are staying true to that standard.

  • Save Your Marriage NOW
    and Avoid
    the High Cost of Divorce!

  • Is it really difficult for you and your spouse to deal with anger directly without it turning into World War III?
  • Does it feel like whenever you have an argument with your partner that it becomes a blame-fest where one of you “wins” and one of you “loses”?
  • Do you and your spouse argue to the point that you both are looking at each other as the enemy?
  • Do you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING to get your spouse to see how serious you are about leaving the marriage unless he or she doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee?

  • Creating a healthy, intimate relationship first requires a foundation of love between two people...

    despite whatever anger, or disappointment, or mistrust, or pain, or misunderstanding, or lack of appreciation that have built up over the years.

    Without a working knowledge of the relationship skills, however, that help a couple create a partnership...

    people assume that there is no hope for a relationship to succeed.

    But Relationship Skills are learnable...

    and require a lot of practice, and yes…

    even require a lot of work!!!

    Couples are always asking us when the “right time” is to leave a relationship—as if there really could ever be such a thing as a “right time” for initiating such a painful experience.

    We tell them that...

    based on our experience of working with a lot of couples for the past 14 years...

    the only thing that can make the timing feel "right" in leaving a relationship seems to be...

    when you can look at yourself in the mirror and really have the feeling that…

    you have both tried your best to make things work…

    you have gone to couples counseling or taken a couples seminar...

    and you've both practiced new communication skills and new trust building skills and worked on being emotionally supportive to each other...

    and have tried to implement all the things that make a relationship healthy...

    and despite all your practice and good-faith effort...

    it feels like there is still no "change of heart" between the two of you...

    that you feel like there is no hope that things will get better or be different...

    that is when it is time to leave.


    What we also know is that if you do not at least TRY to learn a way to figure out your differences now in the relationship you are currently in…

    you WILL have to deal with the same issues in the next relationship you enter into.

    We see this happen all the time!

    So sooner or later, you must make a decision to take on your personal blind spots and deal with your relationship wounds...

    or you will end up alone!

    Ordering DR. HE SAID, DR. SHE SAID is a way to start that process!

    This e-Book will help you to learn about the things that get in the way of intimacy in a relationship...

    and how to overcome those obstacles...

    based on the strategies and feedback we have given couples for over 18 years in our Couples Counseling practice.

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