Men "Living Up" To
a Male Stereotype

There is a male stereotype that women hold us up to that should insult us as men...

but it doesn't insult us because we use the same stereotype as our excuse to bail out on the responsibility we have to being full partners in our intimate relationships.

It goes like this:

When women get frustrated with how limited we are in the way we express ourselves emotionally, it's easy for them to think and say out loud:

"Well, no wonder, you're just a guy!"

But far worse from my point of view is to hear that same phrase come out of a guy's mouth about himself when he feels threatened or confused about what to say in the heat of battle with his wife or girlfriend, where he then wusses out with a pathetic:

"Hey, what do I know? I'm just a guy!"

As men, we don't have to accept ignorance as an excuse for how we mess up our relationships with women.

That's how we wuss-out on women.

What's tragic is for us to accept and live up to the "I'm just a guy" stereotype... believing that we have no choice in life but to stumble along being the emotionally tuned-out, insensitive dolt that can't figure out what we really want and need...

much less try to figure out what our woman wants and needs.

Settling for and living up to this male stereotype is how we aspire to mediocrity.

That's how we wuss-out on ourselves.

Said in a less delicate way:

It's one thing when we feel like we "lose our balls" to women in relationships...

...but it's totally another when we hand our balls over by accepting and living up to some kind of doltish guy-stereotype that locks us into being a victim of our own ignorance.

As long as this kind of personal mediocrity stays acceptable to us, we will "dumb-down" our beliefs and expectations of who we are as men and what we are capable of.

This is such a huge way that we bail out on our relationships with women and bail out on ourselves as men

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